Change In The Making

The Feast is focused on creative solutions to today’s toughest
societal challenges. Our flagship conference in October brings together
extraordinary people from across disciplines and serves as
a starting point for relationships and projects that run all year long.
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Feast with us

Each month across the globe, changemakers gather to explore a different theme around making good. Join a group of your city’s brightest makers and doers in exploring what it takes to have an impact.

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The Feast Conference brings together a smattering of the brightest creatives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to create the kind of future they want to see. With inspiring speakers, hands-on workshopping and breath-taking performances, this one-of-a-kind feast will leave you full on good.

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Meeting, exchanging ideas and making something tangible together can be transformative. At The Feast, participants get inspired by new perspectives on social impact and leave with a sharper sense of their own potential.

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Our challenges put a frame around real world social problems. As we work to surface new solutions, we connect over issues and find common ground along the way.

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The Feast leaves lots of new initiatives and mini-projects in its wake. We do our best to connect the dots because we know that with the right resources, structure and attention, passionate plans for changing the world can take shape and have a real impact.

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