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We believe the world needs a more ambitious vision for the future. By creating that vision together, we can empower the the next generation of innovators

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The Feast 2014

October 9-11th, 2014, Brooklyn, NY

Dive into creative approaches to complex challenges.

On October 9 – 11th at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NYC, we’ll turn talk into action. Thinkers and doers will work side­-by­-side to drive forward brilliant solutions. We’ll share and apply skillsets, create art and collaborate with others around the world. We’ll incite transformation: inspiring each other through what we create, developing a new sense of what’s possible, and leaving with the tools, community, and path to bring it forth — for the world and ourselves.

Join us.


Change is not a journey from A to B but a process of transformation. Progression is how we learn, grow, and adapt throughout that process. We will explore what Progression means through three curated streams – high-level end-states that encapsulate what we as world leaders across disciplines are collaborating toward.

We envision a world in which:

    People love the work they do
    People thrive in the face of change
    People live well and are well

Day 1 // Roundtables: Envision the future

October 10th, the first full day of the conference, is broken up into roundtables that are co-defined, presented, and participated in by our brilliant attendees. Each roundtable addresses a timely future-focused issue of inquiry that ladders up to the greater goal and has significant implications for society, business and the planet. Attendees address this issue by: turning challenges into a lens for opportunity, defining a collective vision, and mapping out what needs and opportunities we can address to achieve these.

Building something together leads to deeper relationships, understanding and potential collaboration. Cross-disciplinary insight makes radically innovative approaches possible. The outcomes from this round-table will be shared as a guide to approaches, actions, and a vision for what the community might make real. Bring your leadership and perspective to defining a brighter future.

Day 1 Attendance: $1000 (Includes admission to the opening night party on Thursday, October 9th, and the Worldwide Dinner celebration and The Feast Fest on Saturday, October 11th.) Request an invitation.

Day 2 // Workshops: Transform the Present

October 11th, day two of the conference, focuses on building new skills, offering and receiving each others new perspective, and supporting projects and innovators in realizing the future we envision together.

1. Learn

Learn a new skill, expand your understanding, or propel your personal or company development forward in workshops by premier organizations and experts.

2. Share

Rally around hosts from the roundtables on day one move beyond ideas to action by putting your skills, insights, and network to good. If you have a project that is in line with one of our thematic streams, sign up to share your work and a challenge you’d like to address with others at the conference. Have experience, skill or valuable eye? You can also offer 1:1 office hours to share your sage advice with conference attendees.

3. Build

The Feast is setting the table for everyone to continue building long after we come together at the conference. We’ve created a special digital tool and support system to engage each other around one another’s work and project throughout the year. The tool is called The Feast Connects. Project leaders will share updates and questions throughout the year, and you can sign up to contribute to one of the projects you connect with at The Feast. We’ll then highlight the results at The Feast the following year of what can happen when we bring together the brainpower and networks of today’s changemakers.

Day 2 Attendance: $500 (Includes admission to the opening night party on Thursday, October 9th, and the Worldwide Dinner celebration and The Feast Fest on Saturday, October 11th.) Request an invitation

Day 1 + Day 2, The Feast full experience: $1500 (Includes admission to the opening night party on Thursday, October 9th, both Day 1 and Day 2, the Worldwide Dinner celebration, and The Feast Fest on Saturday October 11th.) Request an invitation

To have such a diverse, passionate and smart group of people come together is amazing in and of itself; but for that group to have the opportunity to work together solving problems that matter to all of us is unheard of. Without question I'll be back next year.
Jason Wisdom, Founder of Design Gym