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We believe the world needs a more ambitious vision for the future. By creating that vision together, we can empower the the next generation of innovators

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Our Guiding Principles

Agency: We assume you are incredibly powerful, highly capable of creating answers to the challenges you see for yourself and the world. We assume you will take and help each other take action.

Sincerity: We believe in sincere action, work and intention. We are here to offer our best to each other first and foremost and in doing so create a generative system where we get what we truly need as a result. No games, no pretense, no fear.

Openness: We hold that anything is possible and remain open to opportunities, advice and to seeing potential where others might not think to look. Whether its from a person you might not expect has an answer, to playful exploration that bends rules, to a revolutionary new idea that others say won’t work; we keep our eyes, minds and hearts open to ask, why not?

Generosity: We give what we have plenty of to accelerate progress and development. We break down political, social, and cultural barriers by offering over asking. We move fast and don’t hold back, creating more by putting in than we ever could by taking out.

People First: We are here to support each other and people are at our core. We build things with and for each other, to support and heal each other, so we put people first in our investments, our interactions and relationships. Because that not only makes more relevant solutions, that is what will change the world.

The Feast Manifesto

We started The Feast because a new generation of people was starting to see and solve problems differently.

They weren’t “do-gooders”, they were doers. People with the discipline to turn their idealistic vision into action.

Entrepreneurs and musicians, designers and doctors, CEOs and poker players that brought their talents to the table to make life better.

They didn’t know each other, so we put them in the same room because they’d be more powerful together.

And together, they took risks to create remarkable things that let more people build on their work. Many more.

The role of The Feast has changed.

Mankind is now more connected with the tools to engage millions and more potential than ever to build a brighter future.

Our role is to inspire the next generation of doers. To empower more folks to ask why the world works the way it does. To not stop at “because it’s always been done that way.”

To re-imagine how things could be and believe that the world, and you, can do better.

Because a small step in a new direction leads to another. And your steps change the path of those around you.

And when “social change” changes people, the impact turns ripples into waves.

It’s time to stop waiting for the world to change.

Start changing it, and the world will follow.