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The Feast 2014

October 9-11th, 2014, Brooklyn, NY


The Feast is hosting a civic hardware hackathon in tandem with the annual conference to bring together hardware-focused innovators working on existing projects around city resiliency and disaster preparedness. Two years after Hurricane Sandy, the communities of Red Hook, Brooklyn are still recovering and adapting. The Feast is partnering with local businesses and first responders to pilot potential hardware solutions.

Technologists and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to test their project in the Red Hook community and get their work into the hands of local stakeholders, gathering insight and feedback in order to refine their prototypes into useable tools. All projects will have an open source element, which emergency responders can deploy at little or no cost.

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with potential mentors and partners including The White House, Department of Homeland Security, Intel, Microsoft, IKEA, Sparkfun, 3D Systems, The Red Hook Initiative, Do Good Bus and more. Participants will also have the opportunity prototype your project in the field and to present your project on the conference stage and engage with attendees of The Feast community, a brilliant group of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Have a civic resiliency-focused hardware project you want to pilot? Sign up here

To have such a diverse, passionate and smart group of people come together is amazing in and of itself; but for that group to have the opportunity to work together solving problems that matter to all of us is unheard of. Without question I'll be back next year.
Jason Wisdom, Founder of Design Gym