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Global Action Dinner: Hundreds of Meals, One Night

We’re gearing up for a Feast dinner so big, we’re taking over dinner tables around the world.

Throughout the year, local regions of the Feast Worldwide community convene to tackle issues they care about. Because it’s impossible to bring everyone from Feast Worldwide together for one big dinner, we created the annual Global Action Dinner to yield the power of an entire movement on one day. It’s a night where hundreds of dinner parties are hosted simultaneously to create conversation around a particular topic. Our 4th annual Global Action Dinner will take place on September 13th around the theme of desire: how can our desires help create a better future for ourselves, each other, and our world?

Desire is also the topic of our Feast Impact East event October 2-4 in Brooklyn, New York. The objective is to bring ideas you come up with around your table to Impact East and collaborate with other thought leaders to make a difference. The next great idea starts with identifying a problem that your superpower helps alleviate. Click here for engaging discussion starters to kick off your dinner and get people talking. While we encourage everyone to focus on the theme of desire, if there’s a topic that is more pertinent for your region to discuss, that’s okay too.

Apply here to host a Global Day of Action dinner. Being an official dinner host comes with great perks; not only can you host dinners throughout the year, but you are also connected with a network of other powerful Feast leaders and are eligible to become a Feast Ambassador. Hosts also receive a significant discount to Impact East—and all of their dinner guests receive a promotion code as well. Anyone can host an event. Download our DIY host-a-dinner toolkit for tips and tricks on creating an action-oriented night. Check out the social accounts for Feast Worldwide ChicagoRio, and Helsinki for inspiration for your dinner party.

If you’re interested in attending an event in your region, email us or sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.


Sam Gerhardt

Sam is an entertainment producer and the co-founder of ThirtyTwoTwentyThree, a concept lab for creative ideation. She’s a pop culture junkie and an internet fiend. Compelling narratives and progressive artists fuel her imagination. Coffee and podcasts run her life. Get in touch with her at [email protected]

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