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Why “Wants” and “Needs” are Taking over the Feast Impact East

In the book “Working with the Law”, Dr. Raymond Holliwell states “desire creates the power.” It’s an idea that is central to the mission of the Feast: bringing together visionaries who desire to change the world and create sustainable solutions. This year, the Feast Impact East explores the theme of desire: what is it, how does it motivate us, and how can we find true satisfaction?

The conversation around desire far exceeds love and lust. Our wants move us to action and compel us to go after what drives us the most. In the past, we explored more concrete themes but for this Feast Impact, we chose a more abstract theme to open up the conversation and explore an umbrella of sub-topics and ideas. This year’s event will draw inspiration and action from six pillars of desire: Love, Power, Respect, Purpose, Wellness, and Knowledge.

An incredible curated group of speakers are leading talks on these topics, including acclaimed author Rosalind Wiseman on youth and family, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival Craig Hatkoff on community and culture, and astronaut Loretta Whitesides on power. Our wide array of programming partners including General Assembly, Audi, and Half the Sky are leading exciting workshops and 1:1 sessions intended to help us explore what we desire for ourselves, each other, and the world.  

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Is this year’s theme inspiring to you? Click here to purchase tickets for this year’s Feast Impact East event in Brooklyn, New York during October 2-4th. Buy tickets before August 1st for a 35% discount using “FIRSTINLINE” as a code. We look forward to seeing what ideas you bring to the conversation!

For the greatest good,

 The Feast


Samantha Gerhardt

Sam is an entertainment producer and the co-founder of ThirtyTwoTwentyThree, a concept lab for creative ideation. She’s a pop culture junkie and an internet fiend. Compelling narratives and progressive artists fuel her imagination. Coffee and podcasts run her life. Get in touch with her at [email protected]

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