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The White Whales of Feast Impact East

We’ve secured some of the biggest names in technology, social justice, business, and wellness to be a part of this year’s Feast Impact East. While we’re overwhelmed by the talent and expertise joining us in October, there’s a few people on our programming wish list that we haven’t been able to snag (yet!). Here are the speakers that have become the Feast team’s “white whales” for Impact East. 

Dan Savage; Gay activist, author, media pundit, and journalist. @fakedansavage

Dan Savage is best known for his internationally syndicated advice column-turned-podcast “Savage Love”. He brazenly answers caller’s most intimate questions about love, sex, and relationships and challenges people to see their problems in a new light. His podcast encourages listeners to go after what they desire most; happiness, fulfillment, and pleasure. Not happy in your relationship? Let’s solve it. Monogamy not really working for you? Let’s figure out potential alternatives. Savage has created a new conversation around desire that is empowering us to take control of our destiny and form meaningful relationships that make us better.

Brandon Stanton; American photographer and blogger, founder of Humans of New York. @humansofny

Brandon Stanton is the visionary behind Humans of New York, a vibrant photo blog documenting the lives and innermost thoughts of New Yorkers. Stanton’s portraits and captions expose the vulnerabilities and desires of the strangers we pay no attention while walking down the street. The blog and it’s 8 million social media followers have formed an unlikely community of support and empathy that uses its social capital to make tangible change. HONY’s humanitarian initiatives include ending slavery in Pakistan and helping under privileged children attend college. HONY has inspired hundreds of other “Humans of” social media pages and continues to challenge how we interact with and value the people who surround us.

John Oliver; Emmy Award-winning writer, comedian, host of “Last Week Tonight.” @iamjohnolive

“Last Week Tonight” is different from its predecessors “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” for one major reason: it airs on HBO, a network that runs on subscription service rather than ad revenue. This means that the satirical program has no advertisers to pander to and no reason to sensor itself. Oliver’s relentless political takedowns have escalated him from social commentator to powerful influencer. His humorous criticisms have become news itself, as his impassioned rants act as catalysts for change in political and social issues. Thanks to Oliver, congress passed a new bill that protected chicken farmers, the FCC’s website crashed due to a LWT-led backlash against net neutrality, and New York City relaxed its rules on bail bonds. Oliver is using his comedy superpower to tackle socio-political problems and create the world he desires.

Who do you want to see at Feast Impact East? Tweet at us and let us know how makes you giddy and why. Or tweet at us if your cousin/sister/best friend happens to know one of OUR white whales 🙂


Sam Gerhardt

Sam is an entertainment producer and the co-founder of ThirtyTwoTwentyThree, a concept lab for creative ideation. She’s a pop culture junkie and an internet fiend. Compelling narratives and progressive artists fuel her imagination. Coffee and podcasts run her life. Get in touch with her at [email protected]

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