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Why People Keep Returning to Feast Impact

This year’s Impact East is bigger, bolder, and more interactive than its predecessors. The Feast is raising the bar on content by introducing a slew of innovation hubs, 1:1 breakout sessions, and a full outdoor musical showcase to the Impact East line up. As we gear up for this first-of-its-kind interactive programmatic experience, we celebrate the aspects of our flagship event that keep people coming back year after year. Don’t take our word for it, check out photos from previous years and hear firsthand why our attendees can’t get enough.


Our speakers rock.

Where else would an Olympic gold medalist, the founder of Burning Man, and Ben of Ben & Jerry’s speak under one roof? Big names speak at Impact East because it’s an event that creates big solutions. Prominent thought leaders want to align themselves with the next great idea and that starts here.




“The Feast is an inspiring event…the attendees, their innovative minds, and their willingness to jump in is what makes the event one-of-a-kind.” – Rebecca Pontius

Everyone is brazenly themselves.

It’s goofy, sometimes weird, and constantly inspiring. Changing the world starts with knowing what you’re capable of. Embracing yourself, quirks and all, allows you to unleash your superpower for the greater good. If putting on a superhero mask helps you tap into that, more power to you.




“The Feast is a place that allows people to open up to each other and get real. The attendees are hungry for innovation, creativity, and risk-taking and it’s inspiring to be around people who are constantly searching how to make things better.” – Anne Mahlum


Your network expands dramatically.

Attending Impact East means you have a good chance of meeting your new mentor, start up co-founder, client, or best friend. The Feast is a super connector that puts you face to face with likeminded people focused on bettering themselves and the world.




“It’s an event that’s all about what happens after the event. Yes, it’s inspiring. Yes, it’s incredible. But what’s really incredible is seeing what happens once the event is over. Each year the team at The Feast finds new ways to invite us all into a larger conversation. It’s a conversation that they keep going year-round and a conversation that leads to real change.” – Brad Montague


Makers gonna make.

This is a place for creators and visionaries to do what they do best: turn their ideas into reality. Being talked at isn’t interesting. We don’t want to hear about how other people are changing the world, but rather figure out how we can change it ourselves.




“I was gifted the results of a customized haiku battle, had a conversation about consciousness, created a human synthesizer performance of a Michael Jackson song, played with magical papercraft art, brainstormed with people who are passionate about learning technology, and danced with a mob in a train station. Not your average conference.” – Eric Rosenbaum

Click here to learn more about this year’s Feast Impact East and purchase tickets. We look forward to creating a better future together. 



Sam Gerhardt

Sam is an entertainment producer and the co-founder of ThirtyTwoTwentyThree, a concept lab for creative ideation. She’s a pop culture junkie and an internet fiend. Compelling narratives and progressive artists fuel her imagination. Coffee and podcasts run her life. Get in touch with her at [email protected]

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