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Can I print you an arm?

Walking around today, Grant from 3D Systems asked, can I print you an arm? I couldn’t help but wonder if saying yes meant an arm and a leg. Pun intended!

Later I learned that 3D Systems is the 3D printing company that supports productions for e-Nable, a 100% volunteer ran organization that brings children with upper limb disabilities prosthetic arms they can design. The organization’s 6k volunteers online have created over 1.8K arms to kids in 50 countries. Impressive stats.

Representing e-Nable today is Johnny, a volunteer who discovered e-Nable while working on a project in Nigeria for General Electric. He’s been involved with the organization for about 6 months now. Thanks Johnny for walking me through the designing process. For curious minds and parents of kids with upper limb disabilities, check out their page here.

Something encouraging from Johnny for the all of us? You don’t need to be at a non-profit to do good. For-profits have been creating plenty of opportunities to mobilize the greater community.


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