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The Power of Youth

The Power of Youth Youth is to be treasured. The naivete, playfulness and beginner’s mind that children possess in plenty are inspiring and often humbling and rightly so. They are honest and powerful tools for living, seeing the world and creating new solutions and ways of being.

Today’s youth care more about purpose than any to date. Not only that, they have more connection, information and opportunity in front of them than ever before. There is an opportunity to empower the next generation of innovators to transform our world. But that takes new means of education and tools, mentors to believe in them and examples to inspire them, and opportunities to be heard.

This challenge is: How might we empower the next generation of innovators to create the kind of world we know is possible?

We’re looking for your ideas and solutions. How can we support youth-led innovations and address the issues that hold them back? From mentorship programs and challenge movements that allow young people to shine, to insane and inspiring innovations created by young people themselves, we want to celebrate the power of youth to change the world.