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Transportation by Design

challenges-transportation_by_designIt has always been in our nature to move; to rome; to travel, explore and experience new things we have never known. These days, the world is becoming smaller by the day with information traveling faster and faster and us along with it. People are moving to cities and doing business halfway around the world. Living between coasts and connecting with others along the journey.

With all this change, there is a need to adapt. Transportation is a massive infrastructure need and issue, but what if it was an opportunity? To create greater access, greater opportunity, and time doing the things we love, with the people most important to us. How might we design transportation to not just address the headaches, but to support how we want to live, creating a richer life and experience?

This challenge is: How can we design transportation to support the lives we want to live?

We’re looking for your ideas and solutions. How do you want to live and what mobility solutions could support this? From driverless car technologies that liberate us to connect while traveling between homes, to shared mobility solutions that connect us to our neighbors and lighten bandwidth loads in growing cities. Host a dinner on the topic and discuss the opportunities, the potential and the solutions that inspire you.

Have a project that will help change the future of transportation? Be sure to check out the Audi Innovation Fellowship program!

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