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Unity in Diversity

Unity in DiversityThe world is full of varied perspectives; whether racial, gendered, young and old, culturally ancient or emerging mindsets. As information and people flow more freely these groups are connecting more freely online and off and interacting more often in evolving communities. What will define this moment is whether we clash or collaborate seeing commonality over difference.

With this change, there is a growing need and advantage to understanding and engaging these varied perspectives. Whether it’s the effectiveness of teams, or what community or half of the world the next great innovation will come from, we have the chance to include a diversity of voices, perspectives and talents at the table like never before.

This challenge is: How might diversity create better solutions and allow us to find healing and unity in difference?

We’re looking for your ideas, your solutions and for you to embody the challenge by inviting a diverse set of people to dinner; a place and medium we all share. How might we use our diversity to create solutions? From collaborations that bring communities together to heal wounds and keep each other safe to empowering innovators from unlikely places, this challenge is about using diversity to create unity and collective advantage. Host a dinner on the topic and discuss the opportunities, the potential and the solutions that inspire you.