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Official press release announcing the Feast Impact East in Brooklyn 2015 and Feast Impact West in San Francisco 2016!
Feast Impact Press Release
“If you’re doing what you should in the world, then what you do for yourself and what you do for others are one and the same…in the end, doing what I feel like I’m meant to do in this life is inherently part of something greater.”
Jerri Chou in The Great Discontent
James Bowthorpe, an artist, activist, filmmaker, furniture maker, and father, flew from the UK to New York last week to take part in The Feast, a two-day summit focused on creativity and social impact. Bowthorpe had a goal: to build a boat made from the waste of the conference, and then paddle it from Red Hook (where The Feast took place) to Battery Park and back again.
How to build a boat in 24 hours
The Feast was as good as social good gets, with a quality group of speakers, staff, and attendees who pride themselves on not just being do-gooders, but actual doers in making a positive impact and their communities and on global issues.
Social Innovators Gather at The Feast
By bringing together experts from public and private sectors, each of the participants were able to strengthen their innovations for disaster relief.
Scenes from 2014 Civic Hardware Hackathon for Disaster Preparedness
The Feast team is humble in their aspiration to build a better world, but their approach is clear and focused.
How Jerri Chou is Changing the World, One Dinner at a Time
This invite-only gathering for innovative do-gooders has matured into the kind of event where you see people before they get a TED talk.
A Conference That Calls On Participants To Tackle Global Challenges
Starting a business is hard. Starting a business that attempts to solve large-scale social problems is even harder. But that hasn’t stopped the most idealistic and ambitious entrepreneurs from trying.
For Social Entrepreneurs, What Comes First: Business or Mission?
Over 20 million veterans are underserved thanks to insufficient attention from the tech community, but a partnership between entrepreneurs and veterans could be the perfect recipe for success.
Veterans Make the Best Cofounders of Vet-Tech Startups
Through their conference and public events they foster a community of social entrepreneurs working together to make their vision real.
Open Source Ecology Wins the RevUp Change Challenge
The Feast is an inspiring open dialogue about social innovation.
All Day Buffet
A deliciously thought-provoking culinary ideation experience.
Are You Ready to Feast on Good?
Yesterday we participated in the Feast Conference in New York, where we laughed, we cried, we became passionate about changing the world, we met amazing people and we learnt a thing or two about good decision making and playing poker!
The Feast: Full on Good for ‘The Long Now’
What impressed me the most were the participants; every person I spoke to was a “Doer.”
Notes from The Feast Conference
A very important part of getting smarter is learning about your own abilities and the fact that you can absolutely do what you want to do.
Smarter Social Activism: Top 25 Ways to Get Smart
It was an incredible forum for sharing interests, setting the stage for collaboration, and expanding possibilities for world-changing ideas.
Echoing Green
We left with our minds blown at the quality and diversity of innovation happening across industries.
The Feast Conference Delivered on World-shaking Change