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Feast Ambassadors

The Feast is building a worldwide movement with a group of trusted advisors known as The Feast Ambassadors. 

As an Ambassador, you are an official representative and community builder for The Feast in your selected region. The role involves the following commitments:

  • Rally community to engage their networks around social change
  • Oversee all local Feast dinners/events
  • Review Official Host applications for their region
  • Serve as the point of contact between The Feast Worldwide Community and Feast HQ
  • Connect with Feast HQ and other Ambassadors once a quarter via virtual Feast Council Meetings.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with The Feast but on a higher level strategic level, then this role is a good fit for you.



Do I need to be a host to become an Ambassador?

No, it is not mandatory for you to already be a Feast host to become an Ambassador, although it is recommended. We do mandate that you have at least attended one Feast event before applying for this role.

Can Ambassadors still host Official Dinners?

Ambassadors can still host official dinners (we recommend it!) but can also be more focused on promoting and create a strong Feast community in their region. The Ambassadors are advocates for The Feast and the dinner model in their city and set up coffee chats, info sessions, and/or happy hours to get people interested in Hosting dinners, sponsoring or donating to the events in their region.

What is The Feast Council?

Our global network of Feast Ambassadors makeup up a larger committee of individuals that gather once a quarter to strategize and advise Feast HQ for the betterment of the Worldwide Community.

How many Ambassadors are there per city?

Each Ambassador will be in charge of a predetermined region or area that will include several cities. However, each individual city will only have one lead Ambassador who will be the main point of contact for The Feast Worldwide.

How many events do you expect ambassadors to plan?

We are asking Ambassadors to host two events per quarter–these events can range from coffee chats to happy hours to large-scale dinner events. It’s up to you!

How long is the Ambassadorship term?

Ambassadors only serve a one year term. After the year is up, all Ambassadors must apply for a new term, if they so desire. There is no limit to the number of terms an Ambassador can hold.

What are the perks to becoming an Ambassador?

2 free tickets to Feast Impact (either East or West)

Exclusive sneak peeks prior to each Impact event

Early access to assets and platforms before the rest of the Worldwide community

Unique advisory relationship with the rest of The Feast Worldwide community through The Feast Council