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Audi Innovation Fellowship

Audi and the Feast created the Audi Innovation Fellowship to support ventures that exemplify the future of mobility and highlight entrepreneurs who are bringing new transportation ideas to market. Feast Impact East 2015 will honor innovators who are redesigning transportation to support the lives we want to live.

Apply Here 

The Perks

Thanks to Audi, three innovation teams will receive free VIP passes to Feast Impact East this October to present their ventures in front of investors, key influencers, and thousands of Feast community members.

The top innovation team (up to two people) will have all expenses paid and be flown to NYC to attend.

All fellowship recipients are featured in a demo-day-style event where they’re given the unique opportunity to showcase and pitch their ideas, gain feedback from cream-of-the-crop CEOs and VCs, and accelerate their product’s funding and impact. The fellowship is a platform for game-changing projects to gain momentum with the added benefit of being backed by Audi.

Who should apply?

This opportunity is open to emerging leaders whose projects have high potential for impact in the field of mobility and embody the values of the Feast.

Your project must have the following elements to be eligible for the fellowship:

  • Is well into the process of implementation + creation, not just an idea (that means an entity, patent, or usable MVP).
  • It has a high potential for impact.
  • It is created by a smaller company–Total revenue should be less than $2 million.
  • It is spearheaded by emerging leaders who embody the values of The Feast.
  • Is tackling the future of mobility in a creative and innovative in approach.
  • Is at a point where it can maximize the support and connections of The Feast community.  
  • Team is smaller than 50 people.


The Feast will notify all applicants on September 9th, 2015.

The Feast + winning teams will work together to finalize travel plans, presentations at Impact East, and other needs by end of September 2015.  

Apply Here 

What are you waiting for?

The fellowship establishes innovators as thought leaders in the transportation field. It’s a platform to gain momentum behind game-changing ideas and foster a conversation around the future of transportation with the added benefit of being backed by Audi.

Start a movement around your project with Audi and the Feast community.

Apply today!

Sponsored by Audi: