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Going Beyond Solidarity

  What happened on Friday, November 13th, 2015 was one of many incidents that have wreaked havoc on our world. It was an attack on the innocent and on human decency. Many of us feel anger, grief and pain in our hearts over what happened in Paris and Beirut and for those who have been… Read More

Can I print you an arm?

Walking around today, Grant from 3D Systems asked, can I print you an arm? I couldn’t help but wonder if saying yes meant an arm and a leg. Pun intended! Later I learned that 3D Systems is the 3D printing company that supports productions for e-Nable, a 100% volunteer ran organization that brings children with upper limb disabilities… Read More

Welcome to #FeastUnite 2015

With a quick stroll in front of the venue, you’ll see an open warehouse with Christmas lights, a drum set, a huge poster board and a whole lot of creativity. As a completely volunteer ran event, planned and implemented in 7 days, this is simply MAGIC. Speakers create and host interactive sessions to explore different perspectives at answering… Read More

Dear Feast Community, We are starting something revolutionary.  We are asking our community to rally and bring themselves together for a unique self-organized event to celebrate creating a better world. #FeastUnite asks the community to rise to the occasion. We have 1 week, a stunning 50,000 sq foot space along the water, and a whole… Read More

Who Fuels Your Creative Fire?

Professionally, personally, from afar– we all have people who inspire us to create and be the best version of ourselves. Life’s a journey that’s all about the people you meet along the way. Anyone who’s pursuing their passion knows that the people you surround yourself with define you. And if you’re lucky, they inspire you… Read More

The White Whales of Feast Impact East

We’ve secured some of the biggest names in technology, social justice, business, and wellness to be a part of this year’s Feast Impact East. While we’re overwhelmed by the talent and expertise joining us in October, there’s a few people on our programming wish list that we haven’t been able to snag (yet!). Here are… Read More


What if you could push the dial on that one issue you’re particularly passionate about? What if instead of trying to raise awareness by posting articles on social media, you got in there and addressed the issue head-on?  It’s a waste to bring together today’s brightest innovators, entrepreneurs, CEOs and thought leaders just to talk… Read More

Why People Keep Returning to Feast Impact

This year’s Impact East is bigger, bolder, and more interactive than its predecessors. The Feast is raising the bar on content by introducing a slew of innovation hubs, 1:1 breakout sessions, and a full outdoor musical showcase to the Impact East line up. As we gear up for this first-of-its-kind interactive programmatic experience, we celebrate… Read More

Global Action Dinner: Hundreds of Meals, One Night

We’re gearing up for a Feast dinner so big, we’re taking over dinner tables around the world. Throughout the year, local regions of the Feast Worldwide community convene to tackle issues they care about. Because it’s impossible to bring everyone from Feast Worldwide together for one big dinner, we created the annual Global Action Dinner… Read More

Why “Wants” and “Needs” are Taking over the Feast Impact East

In the book “Working with the Law”, Dr. Raymond Holliwell states “desire creates the power.” It’s an idea that is central to the mission of the Feast: bringing together visionaries who desire to change the world and create sustainable solutions. This year, the Feast Impact East explores the theme of desire: what is it, how… Read More