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Feast Impact East

October 2-4th, 2015, Brooklyn, NY

This year, The Feast Impact East explores the theme of Desire.

Impact East is an interactive and immersive programmatic experience designed to inspire conversations and action throughout six pillars of desire: Love, Power, Respect, Purpose, Wellness, and Knowledge.

Desire moves us to action and compels us to engage what drives us most.

What is desire?

Where do our desires come from and how are they connected?

What can desire motivate?

How can we find true satisfaction?

What is the difference between need vs want?

Together, we’ll explore what we desire for ourselves, each other, and our world. We’ll ignite our flames and fuel our collective human potential to tap into our desires to create the world we want to see.

What do you desire?



LOVE – Community. Family. Intimacy.

Our desires motivate us to understand and receive the love we crave.

How can desire create opportunities to find love for yourself?

How do we develop a future supporting our communities and families?

What is a future that allows all people the opportunity to find love?


POWER – Transportation. Energy. People.

We yearn to feel empowered as we move through this world. We want to move, have agency, and feel the potential to power our destiny.

From energy to mobility, how will we create a future that supports and produces individual and collective power?

Can we create a world where everyone has the power to create, have a voice, and equally take hold of opportunity?



RESPECT – Perspective. Race. Gender.

We want to feel valued and be seen as who we are and what we believe in. We desire a world where we see each other as equal human beings and embrace the infinite differences between us all.

How can we work towards a future where we use individual’s differences to strengthen our community?

How can we strive to create a world where equality is a priority?

PURPOSE – Happiness. Work. Peace.

As we expand our horizons, find our path, and develop ourselves, we often struggle to discover our purpose in life.

How can we shape what happiness means to us?

Can we find an inner peace that allows us to enjoy who we are and what we do?

How can we focus our desire to create a world where everyone finds and lives out their own purpose in work, play, and everything in-between?

WELLNESS – Mind. Body. Food.

We desire a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is a state of being and a mindset that shapes who we are, what we do, and what we become.

How can we work towards a future that creates communities focused on wellness as well as the individual?

How can we strive to make healthcare accessible to all?



KNOWLEDGE – Financial. Youth. Cultural.

We desire knowledge to improve ourselves and those around us. Sharing our ideas and experiences allow us to expand our opportunity for collective impact.

How can we work towards a future where knowledge is all-inclusive?

Can we create a world where shared resources and intellect can be accessed and appreciated by all?




To have such a diverse, passionate and smart group of people come together is amazing in and of itself; but for that group to have the opportunity to work together solving problems that matter to all of us is unheard of. Without question I'll be back next year.
Jason Wisdom, Founder of Design Gym