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We believe the world needs a more ambitious vision for the future. By creating that vision together, we can empower the the next generation of innovators

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Global Action Dinner: September 13th, 2015

The Feast’s global community, The Feast Worldwide, is rallying thousands of people from around the globe to host dinner parties for good on September 13th, 2015. The theme of desire will be the main focal point; we are bringing people together to tackle how our desires can help create a better future for us, each other, and our world.

It’s time for us to engage in conversations that look toward solutions rather than focus on problems.

How to get involved:

1) Anyone can host a dinner. Download our DIY Host-a-dinner toolkit to learn how to get started.

2) Apply to be an Official Host so you get access to our branding, network, and special promotions to create a larger and more impactful dinner!

3) Just looking to attend and participate? Check out our attend page to see what dinner will be happening in your region so you can signup and get involved with your local Feast community! Be sure to follow the conversation online as well with the #FeastWW tag.

The Global Action Dinners and Impact East will both focus on the theme of desire. The goal is to create a dialogue and a buzz around our theme that can be carried through to our event–we want to make sure that the conversations started during the global dinners are continued and lead to further action.  These dinners are about connecting people over a simple meal so we can imagine and build a better future.

Get Started Today!

1) Bring friends and family together to talk about the solution to an issue under one of key pillars of the theme of Desire: LOVE, POWER, RESPECT, PURPOSE, WELLNESS, and KNOWLEDGE.

2) Need help thinking of an issue to tackle? Check out our challenge page to learn about topics we are passionate about and get inspiration!

3) Come up with 1 thing your dinner could do to support that solution (it could be to donate your time, your skills, volunteering on the weekend, switching suppliers– get creative!).

4) At the end of dinner, write down 1 action you will take on your placemat or a notecard. Tweet a photo of it so we can create global movement around our shared solutions and desires to change the world. Use the tag #FeastWW to keep the conversation going!