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We believe the world needs a more ambitious vision for the future. By creating that vision together, we can empower the the next generation of innovators

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We know the visionaries who invent the future. Invite them to your table.

Join the vanguards who are creating the future in unlocking what’s possible for you, your company, and the world.

As a partner, you can sponsor Impact East, Impact West, or both and showcase your value in front of thousands of decision-makers on both coasts with opportunities to support Official Feast Dinners and Events throughout the year.

Promote & Showcase Your Leadership

Share your leadership, brand, and products with highly influential attendees.

Choose from main stage talks, workshops, showcases,or on-site activations to forge lasting and meaningful connections for your brand.

Engage & Activate Beyond Logos

Engage participants in memorable and collaborative experiences with your brand. Invite leaders to explore the future of your industry by owning your entire vertical.

Network & Connect with Influencers at Scale

Connect with talented entrepreneurs, innovators, social ventures, and influential founders.

Partner with The Feast to reach influencers and innovators through impact. Join us in creating a better world.

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The Feast and Plus One Music Showcase:

The Feast is partnering with the non-profit Plus One to host a music showcase and workshop that empowers bands and celebrities to engage their fan-base for social change. Click below to learn more about this unique partnership and how to get involved!


The Buzz

It sparked the interest of Feast attendees, whose various blog posts and tweets resulted in thousands of new people joining the movement and learning about our brand. Social Media Director, Kind

The Feast walks the walk. I was gifted the results of a customized haiku battle, had a conversation about consciousness, created a human synthesizer performance of a Michael Jackson song, played with magical papercraft art, brainstormed with people who are passionate about learning technology, and danced with a mob in a train station. Not your average conference. Robin Chase, Founder of Zipcar

Overall, I cannot sing the virtues of the event loudly enough. The biggest win? It was downright FUN without losing the gravity and genuine curiosity of topics and members alike. I can’t wait for next year. Toby Boudreaux, CTO of Control Group